Reiki Treatments

Reiki treatments are done through distance reiki using a proxy. If you live in the Southern California area treatments are offered in person by appointment only. Please contact me for available times.

I do a hands-on reiki treatment that can be transferred energetically to a client who is many miles away. I coordinate with my client the best day and time for the treatment and we communicate through text or phone call at a prearranged time. I ask that the client be alone in a quiet place where they can lie down and be undisturbed for 30 mins. A 30 min. session using reiki alone is $20.

I also do a chakra balancing on clients (highly recommended) for $15 extra. For the balancing, I test the chakras (human energy centers) with a pendulum and treat each chakra energetically with specially calibrated tuning forks and reiki.

After you have paid for your reiki treatments, please email me at and we will arrange the best time for your treatment.

Choose your payment option by clicking on the button below:

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