Welcome to Sage Blossom Reiki, my mostly online reiki therapy and teaching service! Stay tuned to see updates to this site. If you are interested in learning more about reiki, receiving reiki or even receiving instruction in how to do reiki, I will be posting more information as fast as I can!

I started my reiki journey back in 2007 and never looked back. Channeling reiki healing and teaching about reiki is my big love. In 2013 I moved from Texas to my home state of California, became the grandma to twin boys and my reiki healing and teaching activities declined. Now I am ready to get the ball rolling and start my reiki therapy services anew.

I have been doing much of my part time reiki work remotely with people I knew in Texas and even other parts of the country. I learned that distance attunements and treatments could be just as powerful as those done in person. Perhaps this is one of the lessons of the past several years since my move.

All the while I have continued to do self reiki treatments and channel reiki to friends and animal companions. I also have a pretty nice garden and I like to think that reiki played a part in giving my plants the energy to grow!

So please check back often to see how my site has grown!

Reiki Blessings,


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High Priestess/Clergy in the Celtic Witan Church, Sarina lives and makes magick with her human, animal and plant family in the Magickal Cottage at Sycamore Hill.

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